Home Learning

Home Learning in Year 7 and 8

At George Stephenson High School we are always looking for ways to improve the student experience and engage and challenge our students. Following research and discussions with staff, students and parents, we have decided to move to project based home learning in Year 7 and 8.

The timetables will allow you to see exactly what subject your child should be working on throughout the year. This approach will also help to ensure high quality home learning whilst improving your child's independent learning skills.

Students will be set a project from a particular subject for each allotted slot which should then be handed in the following week.

You can support your child with his/her home learning by identifying times when he/she should be working on it at home. The project is designed to be a significant piece of work that your child should feel proud and it is important that it is not left until the last minute. For the first few projects at least, helping your child organise a timetable at the beginning of a project will be really useful and will hopefully help him/her.

Some home learning may be set in addition to the projects such as revision, research and vocabulary tests. Please continue to check and sign your son/daughter's planner on a weekly basis to help him/her to build this into his/her time plan.

Electronic copies of the projects can be accessed by clicking on the link below each subject on the timetable.

Your child should use his/her planner to record what he/she has done on a particular day. For example, he/she might write 'I completed my research into volcanoes'.

It is very important that home learning is completed on time.  If there is a genuine reason why your child is unable to complete a project on time, please let your child's subject teacher know, before the deadline if possible.  If a project is not completed without a genuine reason, students will have to attend an after-school workshop to complete it.  If problems persist, you will be contacted and invited into school to discuss what can be done to support your child in the future.

Please remember that The Learning Resource Centre is open every morning from 8am and every evening until 4.30 p.m. if your child prefers to complete home learning in school.  Teachers are also available to support with home learning projects and will be more than happy to give individual help and guidance as needed.

Home Learning Timetable 2017/18 click [here]