Preparing for Your Exams

Effective and structured preparation for your GCSE exams is vital if you are to do the best that you can and gain the results that you deserve.

The four documents below are designed to give you and your parents/guardians advice on revision techniques and practices, links to resources and revision material and subject specific support so that you are going into the exam season with confidence that you can perform to the best of your ability.

Please see a member of the Guidance Team or your subject teacher if you need any further assistance.

Exam Timetable 2019: Click [here]

Set for Success Student 2019 [click here]

Set for Success Parent Info 2019 [click here]

Instructions and Information for Students and Parents/Carers [click here]

Revision Guide 2019 [click here]

Breathing and Relaxation

"Listen to these breathing and relaxation tracks to help you relax and overcome any feelings of stress in the build up to your exams. Make sure you are comfortable and not likely to be interrupted when you start listening and if you download the tracks onto your phone/mp3 player, do NOT play them in a car as they may cause drowsiness for the driver!"

Diaphragmatic Breathing [click here]

Progressive Relaxation [click here]

Katy's Peace [click here]