Student Health & Wellbeing

At George Stephenson High School we have an excellent holistic approach towards meeting the needs of Health and Well-being.

The School promotes the mental and physical health and emotional well-being of all its students.  Well-being is at the forefront of the school’s Health Education programme and promoting good mental health is a priority.  The physical, mental and emotional health benefits of exercise are well documented and the school actively encourages sport for all.  Mental health issues can be de-stigmatised by educating students, staff and parents.  This is done through tutorials and Health Education with the students, through staff training and through regular contact with parents via our Guidance and Family Liaison staff.

The school has strong links with the School Nurse service and are able to make referrals for young people if necessary. Students can also contact the service themselves via the School Nurse texting service.

MindEd, a free resource on children and young people's mental health for all adults, including parents and professionals.

Website: offers free, safe and anonymous online support for young people in North Tyneside . It has self help, community support and friendly counsellors available online until 10pm every day.